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Ready to work for a dynamic, fast-growing company who cares about their employees?  See if one of the job descriptions below would be a great fit for you.  We'd love for you to join our team.

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Audio Video Engineer

Under general direction the Audio-Visual Engineer studies, designs, engineers, constructs, installs and coordinates audio visual equipment, systems and facilities; performs engineering studies involving equipment, applications or theoretical analyses of such engineering methodologies.


  • Minimum 2-year degree in technical field, B.S. preferred.
  • Networking background preferred
  • 2-4 years of A/V experience
  • Communication proficiency 
  • Presentation Skills
  • Technical Capacity
  • Organizational Skills
  • Customer/Client Focus
  • Decision Making
  • Discretion
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Valid Driver's license
  • Ability to adjust to rapidly changing priorities


  • Interacts with co-workers, vendors, the general public and representatives of other organizations to obtain and disseminate information, advise on projects, resolve conflicts, set priorities, coordinate activities, complete projects within time and budget constraints, and provide assistance.
  • Drafts bid specifications and requests for proposal and evaluates vendor responses to establish contracts.
  • Directs projects assigned by management by planning plans of action, resource allocation and monitoring progress.
  • Plans, designs, engineers and constructs A/V systems
  • Analyzes A/V problems and needs to determine the most appropriate means of reducing, eliminating and/or avoiding current and future problems and improving communications.
  • Determines appropriate configurations of A/V hardware and software to ensure the desired performance of A/V equipment.
  • Researches, gathers and compiles relevant technical information to enhance, modify and maintain assigned network and A/V systems.
  • Attends meetings, conferences, task forces, committees, events, etc. to provide and receive updated information, work in unity with other agencies with similar A/V equipment and system interests, and assure the organization’s position is represented.
  • Evaluates new products and services from vendors to determine applicability to hardware, software, networks and A/V systems in use by client agencies.
  • Remains current on job-specific and department topics through training courses, workshops, seminars, professional organizations, professional publications, conferences, professional association shows, etc. to apply appropriate policies and technologies to assigned systems.
  • Drafts engineering project proposals to define goals, identify the scope, background and need, and ascertain cost of equipment, parts and services.
  • Develops long and short-term plans for updating equipment, adding capabilities, enhancing existing systems and providing improved A/V resources.
  • Designs and implements A/V systems to interconnect equipment from different manufacturers, service providers and/or client agencies.
  • Develops, submits and administers unit and project budgets, including internal and external client needs to affect completion of scheduled projects and goals.
  • Conducts engineering studies to determine performance levels and project needs of system hardware/software.
  • Maintains and analyzes A/V equipment inventory used by client agencies to determine quantities needed by age, make, user and other qualifiers, and determine base information for equipment replacement issues.
  • Monitors assigned A/V systems to assess need for updates, upgrades, enhancements, preventive maintenance and/or new systems.

We offer the opportunity to learn all facets of our diversified technology business, develop your sales skills and competitive compensation and benefits.  We are proud of industry reputation and our positive and collaborative work environment.

To apply for one of our open positions, please email your resume/CV to

Ready for a career with an

exceptional team of technology experts?