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  Certifications and Training Include: 

  BICSI:RCDD, Installer 1, Installer 2

​  Avaya IP Office: PA, ACA, ACS, ASC, ACSS, SME, Specialist

​  Extreme Networks: ENA, Design, ECSP


  Fluke Networks

  Commscope: Systimax Fiber Optics, Uniprise System

  Panduit: Copper, Fiber Optics NetKey Certified Installer

  FutureFLEX: Installation for Air-Blown Fiber, Design/Installation

Experienced Technology.

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At Communication Innovators, we hold ourselves to the highest levels of accountability.  We have the necessary expertise to address complex, single application projects and seamlessly integrate technology solutions at the enterprise level.  Simply stated, Communication Innovators is one of those rare companies that understands technology and how to apply it to enhance our customer's operations.

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business philosophy

We have a pledge to our customers to always provide the 5 X's.

As a leader in National Account Management, let us show you the missing piece in your business.

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As a personal commitment of excellence to our customers, Communication Innovators ensures that our technicians, sales and administrative staff are given on-the-job as well as off-site training and certifications.  We also stress the importance for our employees safety through OSHA certifications and monthly safety documentation.  Below are just some of the certifications and training our employees are constantly utilizing to give you the best service.

  • Our technicians are certified in one or more of our cable manufacturers partner system solutions.
  • We have four RCDD's (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) on staff.
  • We have CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Auto Cad capabilities to assist with As-Build Drawings.
  • We strive to provide product and application assurance warranties on every structured cabling project.
  • ​We provide certified systems through our Technology Solutions team for every project.

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Toll-Free: 1-800-424-5168   Des Moines: 515-262-7686   Eldridge: 563-285-8046

 Certifications and Training  include: 

​   Power Quality

​   ADC: TrueNet Structured Cabling, 10GB Ethernet Over UTP

   Corning: Fiber Optic Installation

   IGSHPA: Accredited Installer Heat Pump Installation

   ATSA: Technical Support Associate



   United Rentals: Trench Safety, Boom/Scissor Lift​