GPS Locator Devices

Communication Innovators owns locate equipment with GPS reporting abilities to meet the As-Build documentation requirements.  This equipment allows our team to validate the accuracy of Outside Plant Pathways, as well as installed geothermal loop fields in correlation to the intended design for best performance and accuracy.


Trenching is a type of excavation or depression in the ground that is generally deeper than it is wide.  Trenches are used to install underground infrastructure.  We are fully qualified in the conventional trenching techniques including excavation and laying of conduits through which fiber optic or other types of cable are buried.

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Geoloop Fields and Geothermal Design

Communication Innovators offers the design and installation of horizontal and vertical geothermal systems.  The installation of this technology has a significant positive influences on the environment as well as increased efficiencies with dependable service.  This is becoming more and more of a trend in utility services as the saving in the underlying grid power consumed and operating cost savings from up to $300 and $500 in efficiency savings.

We also offer other Outside Plant Services needs including:

 - Plowing (buried cable)  - Conduit Duct Bank Installation (building-to-building conduits)  - Manhole Installation (digging and setting of manholes)  - Fiber optic testing and troubleshooting

 - Installation of fiber optic, coaxial and copper cable  - Fiber optic splicing, termination and cutover  - Copper splicing and cutover  - Removal of aerial and buried cable infrastructure

 - Inspection services (site survey of existing cable infrastructure)  - Cable locating  - Emergency Restoration Services (underground fiber, copper, etc.)  

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Air-Blown Fiber Pathway and Installation

Air-blown fiber uses a patented blowing method, available in a variety of fiber compact bundle configurations. It is blown through a tube and the air source used is either compressed air or nitrogen at speeds of 100 to 150 per minute to anywhere in the LAN you want it to go.  Some of the many benefits of an air-blown fiber solution includes the fact it can scale your network immediately, meet your bandwidth requirements in minutes as well as save significant labor and project costs.

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Communication Innovators started our business in structured cabling over 25 years ago and as customer needs diversified, 

we began branching out to provide additional outside plant utility services.

Directional Boring

Directional boring is mainly used for making crosses under rivers, roads and existing structures with the purpose of installing pipes and conduits.  This type of process is used instead of other techniques to provide less traffic disruption, lower cost, shorter completion times, directional capabilities and environmental safety.

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