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Physical Infrastructure/Copper/Structured Cabling

In keeping to our promise to serve our customers in the best possible way, we partner with the best of the best in structured cabling, low voltage copper , fiber and coax cable, jacks, faceplates and cable management.

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Network Edge

For the best in data networks and bandwidth management as well as secure and full-redundant wired and wireless network switches, routers, plus cost reduction and application allocation controls we have you covered.  Not only can we help with bandwidth, but we can also help you perfect your wireless product solution for your company with our WAPS (Wireless Access Points.)

Data Center

With our physical infrastructure partner relationship you can rest easy your data center has power protection and management solutions for any size business.  We also offer cooling centers to keep your server room from getting too hot, racks and other such accessories to keep your cabling infrastructure safe and secure.

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Working together we can do it all.

Unified Communications

Working with leading providers, we give you the best in telephone solutions both on-premise and VoIP phone solutions.  Our phone solutions are sales for small, medium and enterprise businesses.  Add on our audio-visual and video-conferencing solutions for a complete and turnkey solution for your business.

Outside Plant Services

We offer an air-blown fiber system giving us the ability to eliminate labor costs for a pathway installation that is easier, faster and less disruptive.

Physical Security/Video Surveillance

To keep your business safe and secure, we've partnered with the best in digital surveillance as well as door access systems. We also offer IP (Internet Protocol) security giving you peace of mind that your business is always safe whether your business is always safe whether you're at the office or away with 24/7 access via smart phone, tablet or laptop.

At Communication Innovators our partners and products are always at your service.

We are uniquely positioned to design, implement and service your technology infrastructure and critical business applications.  Our experienced industry professionals combine years of technical expertise with project management excellence.  We will always maintain our golden rule of treating our customers the way they expect to be treated and strive to exceed expectations with every project. 


Audio Visual Solutions

From digital signage to video conferencing audio visual technology gives you the opportunity to streamline your business message through sigh and sound while improving with agile solutions for the changing future.